Happy hour, oh happy hour, how we love you so.  Quite possibly one of the most sought after times throughout the day for the crowd hoping to take advantage of cheap drinks, discounted foods and the good times it has to offer. Being such a popular occasion, most bars, restaurants, and other social venues offer it to promote their business as well as appeal to the tireless 9-5 worker who just wants to kick back, relax and have a cold one after a hard day. In this article, we will be going over in detail, what is happy hour and why people love it so.

What Is The Appeal Of Happy Hour?

You’ve just finished your big presentation to your manager and received praise on how incredible it came out, you’re ecstatic. So overjoyed you can’t stop grinning over the fact that all your hard work paid off and you feel you deserve a drink to toast such an accomplishment. What’s your first thought? Considering this is an article not about drinking at home, you guessed it, happy hour.

It is an excellent way to kick off the evening, an achievement, or even blow off some steam from the daily grind. Knowing this bar and restaurants prepare different promotions throughout the week such as discounted beers or house wines, discounted items from their regular menus, free snacks, or even live music and entertainment. Depending on what you fancy for your down time, many patrons find solace in the good company and tasty deals on food and drinks it offers.

What Is Happy Hour?

In addition to being kind to someone’s personal finances, happy hour is also a fantastic opportunity for socializing with friends, family members, or co-workers in a relaxed setting.  By taking advantage of these times, individuals can catch up on the past or even pick the brains of others to better understand what is going on in their lives without stressing about how much the bar tab will come out to. Furthermore, due to the discounts offered during happy hours, people often have more money, less stress and left over funds for activities like bowling or a movie to spend after they leave the bar or restaurant.

In Conclusion

Given its numerous benefits and advantages over conventional dining experiences that tend to be pricey, happy hour has become increasingly popular over the years. Despite the fact not all bars and restaurants offer such promotions regularly (why wouldn’t you), those that do tend to experience an increase in traffic during these times as more customers look to take advantage of what is being offered. Of course there will always be restrictions that must be followed when participating in what is known as “happy hour” but all in all, if you’re looking for an enjoyable atmosphere for conversation or simply to save some money without sacrificing quality services; what is known as “happy hour” has something for everyone!

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