Low calorie cocktails can be a great way for dieters to enjoy a refreshing drink without having to worry about sabotaging their diet goals. While most people think of cocktails as being unhealthy, there are several options available that offer flavorful refreshment with fewer calories.

1. Vodka Soda

Vodka sodas are one of the best low calorie cocktails for dieters, as they typically contain just 96 calories per serving. This cocktail is very easy to make and requires just two ingredients – vodka and soda water. To give it an extra flavor boost, dieters can muddle fresh herbs or fruits in the bottom of the glass before adding their vodka and soda water.

2. Gin And Tonic

Gin and tonic is another popular option for dieters looking for a low calorie cocktail. A single gin and tonic usually contains less than 150 calories per serving, making it one of the lowest calorie drinks available. Dieters who want to give this classic cocktail an extra punch can add several slices of cucumber or a sprig of mint in the glass before pouring in their gin and tonic.

3. Mojito

Mojitos are also great for those looking to enjoy a flavorful low calorie cocktail while on a diet. A single mojito usually contains around 106-150 calories depending on what type of sweetener is used, so they’re relatively low in terms of overall calories when compared with other drinks. They’re made by muddling mint leaves with lime juice and simple syrup, then adding white rum and topping with sparkling water or club soda for added fizziness.


4. Margarita

Finally, margaritas are another great option for those counting calories but still wanting to enjoy something special every once in awhile. Containing around 180-200 calories per serving, it makes them slightly higher than some other options but still much lower than some other cocktails like daiquiris or pina coladas. To make them even lighter on the waistline yet still packed with flavor, opt for fresh lime juice instead of pre-made mixers when making your margarita at home.


In conclusion, there are plenty of tasty yet healthy options available for those looking for low calorie cocktails while on a diet plan. Whether you’re looking for something classic like vodka sodas or gin & tonics or something more exotic like mojitos or margaritas, there is sure to be an option that fits your taste buds as well as your dietary needs!

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