Kings Cup is an iconic drinking game often played among college students, but it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The game is simple yet fun and has been around for many generations. It involves players gathering in a circle or table with one deck of cards. Each person with their own drink in hand the objective of the game is to take turns drawing cards from the deck and based on the card drawn, the player must complete a task or drink a predetermined amount and pass the turn to the next player until all cards have been drawn. In this how to we will be teaching you how to play the kings cup drinking game for fun and laughter next time you get together with friends for drinks.

What Are The Rules?

The starting card for Kings Cup is typically an Ace, which indicates that everyone must drink as soon as it’s drawn. Alternatively, it could also signal that everyone should clink their glasses together before taking a sip.

Following the Ace, each card has an associated action or drink assigned to it:

  • Two means you: Pick up a two and choose someone to drink.
  • Three is me: Draw this you are the unfortunate or incredibly fortunate one who has to drink.
  • Four is floor: Everyone points to the ground and the last one to do so has to drink.
  • Five is guys: Meaning exactly as it sounds, when a five is drawn, all guys drink.
  • Six is chicks: The gender opposite to the five card, when a six is picked, all girls drink.
  • Seven is heaven: A true test of reflexes, all players must raise a hand to “heaven” with the last one to do so having to take a drink.
  • Eight means mate: Not the mate want, believe me. The person who picks up this card has the power to choose another player to take a drink with them and that person has to continue to do so until another eight is picked up.
  • Nine is rhyme: A creative challenge for the lot. The person who draws a nine has the responsibility of picking a word which each player in the group starting with the one on their right, must come up with another word that rhymes. Whoever is unable to come up with something that rhymes has to drink.
  • Ten is categories: A good way to see who is living under a rock, the player who picks up a ten chooses a category being breakfast foods, TV shows, etc. to which each player has to say something in the category starting with the person to their right. When somone cannot come up with something in the category, they drink.
  • Jack makes a rule: A card holding power, the Jack is a card that when picked up gives the player the right to make a rule and whoever breaks that rule as the game progresses has to drink.
  • Queen is questions: Pick up a queen and pose a question to anyone in the game. The person on the receiving end has to respond to that question with another question until someone is unable to think of a question resulting in taking a drink.
  • King is King’s Cup: The name of the game. Draw one of the first 3 kings and pour some of your drink into the King’s Cup. The player who draws the fourth and final king, has to drink the entirety of the cup.
How To Play King's Cup

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Kings Cup is an easy-to-learn, entertaining drinking game that can be easily tailored based on personal preferences making it perfect for any party or gathering. With simple rules and various actions tied into each card drawn, there are endless possibilities resulting in hours of fun!

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