A decadent and sophisticated drink, the espresso martini is a popular cocktail that is favorited by many around the world. Combining both an energized feeling with it’s incorporation of espresso coffee as well as the strength of booze in vodka, it is sure to be a powerhouse of a drink. With such strong elements making it what it is today, it is no wonder the espresso martini has become one of the most sought-after recipes in recent years and a popular brunch favorite. For those looking to recreate the cocktail with a killer espresso martini recipe in the comfort of their own home, we will be outlining how to make an espresso martini that will be certain to tantalize your taste buds.

When Was The Espresso Martini Invented

Although we promised to share the secrets to putting together the cocktail, let’s get a better understanding of where it came from, shall we?

Invented in the early 1980s reportedly by Dick Bradsell at Fred’s Club in Soho, London – it is believed that he created the drink as a result of a request from a customer who wanted a cocktail that would “wake me up and then f*** me up”. At first, it was devised of vodka, sugar syrup, and espresso coffee but since its invention, the recipe has been modified to include other well pairing ingredients like Kahlua coffee liqueur, Bailey’s Irish Cream or Frangelico liqueur.

How To Make The Perfect Espresso Martini

Putting together the perfect espresso martini is nothing short of a labor of love. It is a tricky and highly rewarding task that requires both knowledge and skill. To begin, one must go about selecting the right espresso beans to brew which is easier said then done. Sure you can choose a brand at random in hopes that it will make the cocktail taste delicious and maybe you’re right, but maybe your wrong.

How To Make An Espresso Martini

The type of coffee beans you select for this concoction does in fact matter. Use high-quality espresso to really bring out the wonderful flavor profiles this drink has to offer. Once you’ve found the one, commence the brewing process and combine it with vodka and a coffee liqueur of your choice into a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes. Now that you have all the essential ingredients in one place, shake them with intention for several seconds to allow the mixture to become cold and foamy. Lastly, strain the end result into a chilled martini glass to witness a thing of beauty that is the espresso martini.

In Conclusion

The ideal espresso martini recipe is relatively simple requiring just a few ingredients and basic steps. In following the recipe provided above and experimenting with different variations of the recipe, such as adding extra liqueurs or syrups for flavor, you can customize your espresso martini to suit your individual taste preferences. With these tips in mind, we hope that you find success in how to make an espresso martini and are now able to enjoy this classic drink whenever desired!

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