Drinking Gin has been a popular pastime for centuries, but only some know how to properly taste the spirit to maximize their experience. This article will provide insight on how to correctly enjoy gin in order to appreciate its unique flavors and aromas.

Steps You Need To Take For Drinking Gin

1. Swirl And Smell

First of all, it is important to note that drinking gin neat—without any mixers or other liquors—is the best way to experience its flavor profile. When drinking neat, the drinker should simultaneously swirl and smell the glass in order to fully appreciate the aroma of the gin before taking a sip.

2. Swish It

Next, once a sip has been taken, it is essential to swish the liquid around in your mouth for at least five seconds in order to capture all of its nuances. During this time, recognize and reflect on how the gin tastes and smells while letting it coat your tongue so as to truly savor every sip.

3. Check The Aftertaste

Finally, upon swallowing the gin, take into account how its flavor lingers on your taste buds afterwards; some gins may leave behind a smooth finish while others might be peppery or spicy upon exiting your mouth.

How To Properly Taste Gin?

In Conclusion

Drinking gin can be an incredibly rewarding experience when one takes their time appreciating each sip with all their senses. By following these simple steps: smelling before drinking; swishing in your mouth; and noting aftertaste—you will be able to experience a unique variety of flavors with each distillation!

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