Although beers like Guinness are a St. Patrick’s Day staple, why not take a break from the traditional beer and try some Irish-inspired cocktails? From classic whiskey drinks to festive punch bowls, there are plenty of delicious concoctions you can enjoy whilst celebrating the luck of the Irish. With their perfect balance of flavorful ingredients, we have compiled a list of 10 St. Patrick’s day drinks you must try as you celebrate in style this holiday.

1. Irish Coffee

The Irish Coffee is a warm, comforting beverage commonly ordered by many on St. Patrick’s Day. Consisting of rich coffee blended with Irish whiskey, sugar, and a whipped cream topping, the drink has a smooth, creamy texture that is sure to please even the most picky of taste buds.

2. Bailey’s Shamrock Shake

What would a list of Irish cocktails be without a mention of Bailey’s Irish Cream? Not a good one I’ll tell you that much. Next up we have the Bailey’s Shamrock Shake. This creamy treat combines the famous Irish liqueur with a minty vanilla ice cream for a cool and refreshing beverage. If you’re feeling extra festive and don’t mind the idea, add a dash of green food coloring for that signature St. Patrick’s Day feel.

3. Emerald Isle Martini

If you’re looking for some fruity fun, look no further than the Emerald Isle Martini. This easy cocktail marries crème de menthe with vodka and pineapple juice to create a delightfully flavorful punch in each sip you take. Garnish the cocktail with thin slices of lime and kiwi for some zesty charm to this classy Irish drink.

4. Green Apple Margarita

To experience a twist on the classic margarita be sure to give the Green Apple Margarita a try. This mix of tequila, lime juice, green apple liqueur, and sugar syrup makes for a sweet flavor profile that also packs a punch. This drink will have you ordering rounds and rounds one after the other due to how easy it goes down so be sure to pace yourself, we still have more to the list at hand!

5. Irish Mule

In the mood for a smooth yet strong enough drink to remind yourself your drinking alcohol? Let us introduce you to the Irish Mule. Your best bet for a balanced cocktail, this combination of ginger beer, whiskey, and lime juice provides a revitalizing mixture that is certain to get your tastebuds tingling in anticipation.

10 St. Patrick’s Day Drinks You Need To Try

6. Jameson Apple Cooler

The Jameson Apple Cooler as another fantastic choice for enjoying drinks with friends this St. Patrick’s Day. All you have to do to make this is combine Jameson Irish Whiskey with apple juice. Play around with the measurements at your own discretion to achieve a smooth blend excellent for sipping in style throughout the evening.

7. Whiskey Hot Chocolate

This one will appeal to all you chocolate lovers out there as we have the Whiskey Hot Chocolate. Yes, you heard me correct, the Whiskey Hot Chocolate encompasses exactly what the name references, chocolate and the amber-colored spirit. Traditionally a winter season favorite this beverage can be enjoyed anytime you want to taste heaven with its creamy hot chocolate and rich whiskey. Truly an indulgent drink that’ll keep you cozy throughout the day as well as all night long!

8. Irish Cream Daquiri

The Irish Cream Daiquiri is a traditional option you should definitely consider making at your next St. Patrick’s Day party. Blending together white rum, Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur, sugar syrup and ice cubes creates an infatuating daiquiri that even people who don’t typically enjoy alcohol will like.

9. Lucky Leprechaun

Feeling lucky? Well if you aren’t then the Lucky Leprechaun is what you need in your life. Something unique yet familiar enough to shock your guests, the mix of The Lucky Leprechaun is also ideal if you’re seeking out something unique yet familiar enough not to shock your guests too much at first glance! Mixing crème de menthe liqueur together with whisky and dark crème de cocoa creates one combination that’s sure to go down in history as being especially memorable thanks to its mesmerizing shade of green!

10. Dublin Lemonade

Last on our list we have the Dublin Lemonade. Following in line with other popular lemonades while also adding its own special touch combining sour mix with whisky instead of vodka or gin, the cocktail produces a flavor of truly magical proportions.

Want To Experience St. Patrick’s Day?

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10 St. Patrick’s Day Drinks You Need To Try

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